When you are in the market for a new transmission, look to GearStar for the best choices and prices. The 4L80E transmission is an updated version of the TH400 TurboHydramatic automatic transmission. It is similar to the 400 transmission and uses many of the same parts. If you need a high-performance transmission, the 4L80E is one of the best options for GM trucks that are up to model year 2013. We provide high-performance transmissions with overhaul kits, wire harness, and more.

What is the 4L80E Transmission?

GM introduced the 4L80E transmission in 1991 for trucks and continued in production through 2013. It features an added overdrive gear, lock-up torque convertor, and has advanced electronic controls. The automatic overdrive feature allows the vehicle to operate at a sustained speed while having reduced engine revolutions per minute. This overdrive system leads to improved fuel mileage as well as a reduction in noise and reduced wear. The use of an automatic overdrive transmission is ideal for driving on freeways and highways where you will be traveling at a single speed for a distance.

A Reliable Transmission

The 4L80E is a very reliable transmission. The manual transmission has a maximum engine input torque of 440 lb/ft with a capability of an output torque of up to 885 lb/ft. The name of the transmission indicates that it has four gears. The “L” indicates that the transmission has a longitudinal orientation. The “80” means that the transmission is capable of handling GVWR up to 8000 pounds. The “E” indicates that the transmission has electronic control. It is designed for heavy-duty with a gear ratio of 2.48 for first gear, 1.48 for second gear, 1.00 for third gear, and 0.75 for reverse.

What is the Construction of the Transmission?

This particular transmission uses materials that are similar to other types of hydraulic transmissions. The outer casing of the unit is made of cast aluminum. Unlike the 4L60E, the bell housing is integrated into the unit, so you cannot remove it from the transmission. The transmission measures 26 ¼ inches in length. It is made for slightly more heavy-duty applications than the 4L60E. The transmission takes 6.8 quarts of transmission fluid. It has cooling ports incorporated that provide cooling so it utilizes oil coolers. It serves as a replacement for the TH400 transmission.

GearStar Performance Transmissions

At GearStar Performance Transmissions, we take transmissions to the next level. When you want to update your transmission with more power and provide enhanced performance, look no further than GearStar. We offer a wide range of transmission options to meet your specific needs. Our transmissions come complete with everything you need, including the wire harness, new EPC solenoid, input and output sensors, and more in our master overhaul kit. We offer 30,000 GVW cooler with integrated fan at an additional cost. The transmission requires the use of a standalone controller for non-OEM installations. Contact GearStar today to learn more about our excellent transmission options and to place an order for a performance transmission.