Rapid Response

Rapid Response & Repair Services

Stanek Tool is a trusted partner for our key customers when it comes to rapid response & repair work. We are experts in the entire process to create a part, not just the machining that many shops only focus on. We will take on projects that others will shy away from or struggle with. We will deliver results you can count on.

Stanek Tool can be an extension of your own toolroom by supplementing capacity you don’t have or capabilities you wish you did.

Cylindrical Grinder

Capability to Get You Up and Running Quickly

Stanek Tool reserves capacity for emergency jobs so that we can be there when you need us for:

  • Repair parts or tooling
  • Production line replacement parts
  • Prototype parts and tooling
  • And much more

We will put our arms around the entire project, even when it involves equipment or services that we don’t have in-house. We act as a single-source solution for our customers’ needs.

We Care More

Customers who need to get their parts made quickly to get back up and running turn to Stanek Tool for one simple reason: We care more.

We pride ourselves in rising to the challenge of supporting our key customers when they really need help. We also pay attention to the “little” things that unfortunately many companies overlook – we always call back, we make it right, and we are a partner you can truly count on.

"Thanks to Stanek Tool's continued can-do attitude, technical expertise, capable machinery, skilled operators, and willingness to respond immediately when needed. We were able to resume production within hours of the problem arising." 

- Andy M. 

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