Custom Workholding Fixtures

Custom Workholding Fixtures

Stanek Tool is the industry leader in designing and building custom workholding fixtures. With our engineering expertise and top-notch customer service, we take pride in providing quality workholding fixtures that exceed our customers’ expectations. We have been providing CNC workholding fixtures for the automotive, aerospace, construction, and many other industries across the globe for decades. When quality and performance are critical, customers call Stanek Tool!

Our capabilities include integrated hydraulic workholding fixtures, manual clamping fixtures, large machine workholding, and specialty equipment.

Hydraulic Workholding Fixtures

Stanek Tool’s specialty is providing hydraulic clamping fixtures for CNC machine tools. We have substantial experience designing and building:

  • Multi-sided tombstones to machine multiple parts on horizontal machining centers
  • Window-style fixtures to allow front and back side machining of parts in a single setup on horizontal machine centers
  • Complex 5-axis fixtures for universal machining centers
  • Prismatic and round part turning fixtures for mill/turn machining centers, horizontal lathes, or vertical turning centers
  • Trunnion style fixtures for vertical machining centers
Manual Clamping

Many jobs don’t require automated clamping due to lower production volumes or size of the component. Stanek Tool can help you with design and build of manual clamping fixtures as well.

Large Machine Workholding

Stanek Tool is also experienced in developing workholding solutions for extra-large applications including:

  • Horizontal Boring Mills
  • Universal and Gantry-style Machines

Fixtures for large machines can be designed with manual clamping, or when higher degrees of safety, repeatability or production are concerns – with hydraulic clamping. When quick changeover is required to optimize productivity and reduce overall fixture costs, Stanek Tool is experienced in providing modular fixture subplates with zero-point clamping systems.

Specialty Equipment and Fixtures

In addition to CNC workholding fixtures, Stanek Tool has designed and manufactured specialty equipment such as:

  • Assembly/press units
  • Leak test fixtures
  • Welding and positioning fixtures
  • Robotic gripping end tooling and workholding

Contact us with your challenge and let our team of problem solvers work to create a unique solution to improve your productivity!

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Stanek Tool's Fixture Engineering & Design Expertise

Stanek Tool offers a wide spectrum of design and engineering services with our in-house team of engineers. When you work with our experienced designers, we always factor in quality, value, efficiency, and technology in every product or service we provide. We will work with you to understand the machining process, modeling your tool paths to check for fixture interferences and collaborating on the best approach to locate, clamp and machine your parts most effectively.

Why work with Stanek Tool on Your Custom Workholding Fixture?

Industry Leading Warranty, Quality, and Support

Stanek Tool provides an industry-leading two-year warranty on every component we make for our fixtures, and a two-year warranty on all purchased components in our fixtures. Our customers keep coming back to us because in addition to the highest initial quality, we always make it right - no matter what it takes!

Stanek provides a comprehensive testing and runoff process at our facility to ensure that our fixtures are reliable, repeatable, and right before they get to your facility. We offer on-site engineering, part processing, and manufacturing support. In addition, we can provide on site evaluation, repairs, and preventive maintenance when needed.

Relevant Markets

We support a broad range of industries with our custom workholding fixtures. 


Stanek Tool’s vast amount of experience includes automotive, transportation, truck, motorcycle, and engine components. 

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Stanek Tool has worked with original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers in the aerospace industry to develop custom hydraulic workholding solutions for a variety of aerospace parts.

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Stanek Tool is known for building heavy duty and robust fixtures that can withstand the rigors of production machining. 

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